Why Boffin

We do more than provide translation and localization services; we also make your life easier. When you choose Boffin, expect:

  • A single contact to eliminate potential communication errors. Your Project Manager and other team members will work closely with one Boffin Project Manager. One contact means one communication channel—and less opportunity to relay information incorrectly.
  • Rapid response, close communications and reliable service. Whether you’re in North America or Asia, you’ll be in connection with a Boffin office operating on or very close to your time zone and, therefore, able to respond to you quickly. Because we recognize that communication is a vital component of your project’s success, we make it a point to respond as quickly as possible.
  • To save time and money. As a global, single-source provider of translation and localization services in any language, Boffin does it all. You need not contract with various agencies for the various countries in which you do business; Boffin is a central source for translation and localization in any language. With centralized translation and localization, you spend less time and effort sourcing projects, dealing with various language providers, and managing relationships with various partners. We free you to focus instead on your core business.
  • To save even more time and more money. Need one project translated into multiple languages? Proven, cost-effective workflows enable us to manage your project in multiple languages simultaneously. For instance, we can handle some project tasks, like file preparation and word counts, either just once or with just one team. Fewer tasks, more savings for you.
  • Us to be a cost-effective extension of your team. Our processes and workflows flex and mold to the shape of your projects, enabling us to adapt tightly to very specific scenarios. We also work as little or as much as you need. For instance, if you prefer, Boffin will act as your multilingual partner on a given function or functions for any project, with either your team or recommended partners performing the remaining functions. This flex-workflow approach allows us to create the team structure and process that best meets your requirements.